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Compass AM draws on its over 20 years of experience to complete its range of management services with wealth and estate planning and risk management

Wealth and Estate Planning
Risk Management

Wealth and Estate Planning

In our work we have gained extensive experience in wealth and estate planning for our private-banking clients.

We have formed a series of relationships with professionals and firms active in the sector through which we can offer clients a range of solutions in a fully transparent and cost-effective way.

Our experience and the network we have created are made available to our clients without absolutely any conflicts of interest.

Risk Management

The risk in a financial investment is usually associated with its volatility, ie the fluctuation in short-term results compared to the long-term average performance.

At Compass, investment management is supported by a Risk Management System, designed in-house over the last 15 years to minimize the main risk factors.
  • Interest rate risk: the possibility that future trend interest rate trends may negatively impact the current value of an investment
  • Equity risk: the possibility that the market value of a company may decrease as a function of a general event (systemic risk) or an event specific of the individual company (idiosyncratic risk)
  • Credit Risk: the possibility that a debtor may become insolvent and default or that a changed perception of solvency may determine a lower investment value. The distinction between systemic and idiosyncratic risk also applies to credit risk
  • Currency risk: the possibility that currency trends may adversely impact the value of investments
  • Liquidity: the possibility that events may make it impossible to liquidate an investment
  • Correlation: the possibility that the correlations between different investments may suddenly change, with a negative impact on the portfolio

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